About Longevity
About LongevityLongevity’s mission is to prevent death and disability from heart disease, stroke, and cancer by providing affordable, high quality medical screenings.  The best way to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer is through early detection and prevention.

Since 1994, Longevity has conducted over 40,000 onsite screenings and has saved many lives. Participants receive same-day results as well as a physician follow-up from our Board Certified Radiologist within three weeks of the screening.

We make getting screened easy and convenient by bringing our mobile team of highly trained ultrasound technicians and equipment to a location near you.  Longevity screens the employees of many of the largest companies and organizations in our community including; government agencies, educational institutions, large businesses, and medical facilities.  Longevity is proud to serve our community by working with our partner organizations to save lives through early detection.