If these screenings are so important, why has my doctor not ordered them for me? The vast majority of physicians would highly recommend these screenings. However, these screenings are not covered by insurance for patients without symptoms. These screenings would cost approximately $3,700 (out of pocket) at a hospital. Most physicians will not encourage their patients to spend that much for screenings.

If these screenings are so important, why are they not covered by my insurance? Insurance companies generally react after symptoms are in evidence and when treatment options are less effective. Insurance will cover the cost of any medical follow up if an abnormality is detected during a Longevity screening.

If these screenings are so expensive, how can Longevity offer them at a fraction of the cost of the same screening at my local hospital? Longevity screens many people during each event, which enables us to keep our costs to the individual low. In addition Longevity's protocol is far more efficient that that in a hospital. Longevity’s mission is to make preventative screenings available to and affordable for as many as possible. 

Are the Longevity screenings as good as the screenings provided by hospitals? Longevity’s screenings are absolutely hospital quality. Our screenings are performed using top quality medical equipment by our highly qualified and professional sonographers. Results are then carefully reviewed by our Board Certified Radiologist.