Why Get Screened

Longevity screenings can detect cardiovascular diseases and cancers at early stages, before symptoms are realized, and when treatment is most effective. This important proactive medical knowledge will assess the risk of being affected by theses two leading causes of death in America. Anyone can be affected by cardiovascular disease and cancer, however the following are the greatest risk categories.

  • Have a family or personal history of heart disease, stroke or cancer
  • Have a poor diet or are 25 or more pounds overweight
  • Have diabetes
  • Exercise less than three times a week
  • Have issues with sleep or stress
  • Participate in harmful behaviors such as drug use, tobacco use or excessive alcohol consumption
Longevity screenings are highly recommended by leading physicians as part of an annual physical. Longevity screenings are convenient, efficient and are comparable to the screenings preformed at hospitals for a fraction of the cost and time. A proactive approach to health greatly increases the likelihood of living a long and healthy life.

For the sake of those who love you and need you, take the opportunity to get screened.